Fountain Editor

When I was unable to afford Adobe CC, I realized that I no longer had the ability to open my InDesign files. Other software such as Photoshop had FOSS software which can open the files (though sometimes imperfectly), but not so InDesign. So that was just it. Those projects were dead in the water. At that moment, I decided I would do what I can to futureproof everything.

When it comes to scripts, there is the fantastic Fountain format. It’s a human-readable markdown language which allows you to write a script in a text editor but also to use scripts to export it into a formatted PDF version. Fountain is easy to use, but sometimes I miss the convenience of working with a WYSIWYG editor. There are some ways you can configure the Atom text editor to do this, but it’s never worked as much as I’d hoped it would.

Enter CinemaVision Fountain Editor. (Free, not FOSS.) I’ll admit that I’ve not played with this program enough to fully vouch for it, by my first impression is great! In addition to a nice toolbar, it allows you to import from useful formats such as Final Draft and Celtx. It also has search features, remembers characters and scenes, and can provide breakdowns. I have been really enjoying the KIT Scenarist program, but there’s enough features here to make me really want to explore it as well.

One drawback I’ve seen is that it has two sidebars and the one on the right bleeds off my screen and I can’t adjust this. The only way I can access it is through toggling off the display of the sidebar on the left. So that’s annoying, but we’ll see how it affects actual use.

Fountain Editor is available for Windows and Mac, and there is even an instruction manual and startup YouTube video available to help you get started. And if you export your scripts in a Fountain format, they will be usable even if the program stops being developed.

You can find the CinemaVision Fountain Editor here and I encourage you to check out some of the other software they provide which looks interesting, dealing with stereoscopic 3d.

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