Cool Digital Drums

Here’s a fun thing I got my nephew for his tenth birthday. The iWord digital drum set. I have no sense of rhythm, but he does and I want to encourage that. It charges by USB and is small and rolls up so it’s easily portable. The cool part is that it has both speakers and headphones which means he can plug in and drum away without really bothering anyone.

I was really pleased with this set. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but the sound is nice and it contains several different types of drum sounds as well as sustain pedals. It also has options like a metronome for practice. You can also connect it to a computer and use as a MIDI device.

I bought this from the BoingBoing store but got the last one, so I’ll not bother with the link. But if you can find one somewhere else, I really do recommend this. Hopefully this will help my nephew develop his beat…and if not, I might just take it back and see if I can learn some rhythm!

Here are some pictures from the product page:

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