MakeHuman Plugins

Here’s today’s Blender discovery: although I’ve used MakeHuman for years, I’ve just learned about its plugins for the user contributed assets. I love the ability for users to create their own skins, targets, and clothes for MakeHuman, but downloading them has always annoyed me. The MH website interface also leaves a lot to be desired because the preview image appears inside the page so you don’t really know what you’re going to get until you open the page. But that doesn’t matter anymore, because you can preview this all from right within MH!

I’m really excited about this addon, because I need to rapidly create a crowd of people with different body types and different clothes quickly, and it will provide the exact tool I need!

It worked for me following the instructions provided on the GitHub page. I also needed to go to Socket (a new tab in MH) and enable “Accept Connections”. It took quite a while to synchronize it with the website.

Get the addon here.

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