Fixing Windows 10

It’s not like Windows is that great to begin with, but Windows 10 is an extra kind of annoying. Even if you survived getting your system updated without your consent, there are many new problems which develop. The problem I’ve been suffering from is just how slow it is. I’m still using an older version of Windows because I don’t want to slow my computer with unnecessary crap, even if it means not being able to use DaVinci Resolve Blackmagic (which despite telling me my hardware and software supports it, apparently will only work with Windows 10).

The problem is the stupid start menu. It’s full of all sorts of things that are neither useful to me, nor present the ability to turn off. Sure, it’s easy to find a way to turn off a list of my programs (why would I want that?) but much of the other crap in the start menu refuses to go anywhere. When I hit start, I’m probably wanting to open up a program, not see the time or read the news. It displays a list of software that I could install, but makes accessing software I actually have installed rather difficult. I’ve given up searching through the list, and have just started hitting the weird circle next to the start menu (what is that?) and just type in the name of the program that I want, but about about 2/4ths the time nothing happens, and 1/4th of the time it’ll just ask me what it can do for me but then fails to do it. I’m on a brand new computer.

The problem is all of that junk is taking system resources, and it slows down my computer to the point where several times it’s interfered with my ability to get my work done well. Thankfully there’s a solution.

Classic Shell is a free program to replace the taskbar with one that is functional and resembles the start menu with one that has the features it used to. I feel like an old curmudgeon yelling at the kids to get off his lawn when I word it like that, but since I’ve put Classic Shell on this laptop, I can access my programs quickly, so kids, get off my lawn!

Unfortunately there is a comment that after the current version, Classic Shell will no longer be actively developed, but the source code has been published, so hopefully other developers will keep it going.

Get Classic Shell here.

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