Desk Bike

My health has been a serious issue lately, but I am making a lot of great progress. I’m down 20 pounds and think that when my next blood test comes in, I’ll be in a much better place. I’m trying to redesign a lot of my environment to avoid slipping back into bad habits around food or exercise. So, I was happy when a store near me had a closing sale which included something I’ve been after for years: a desk bike.

The assembled pedals and their box.

This is basically a set of pedals that has a screw to increase resistance so as I work throughout the day, I can pedal like an exercise bike. I’ve only just got it, but so far I like it. The only real issue is that it puts my knees too high to use my computer without banging them, so i do have to scoot back a bit.

It assembled really easily, although there was a need to find a wrench or pliers which was not included in the package despite the claim that all tools were included. 

I have found that I’m spinning my feet around it quite a bit as I’m in meetings, so it’s serving its purpose. I don’t know the science about how much actual benefit this provides, and certainly doubt it’s anywhere near as good as just getting up and walking, but when I’m stuck behind the desk, I feel it’s a good way to be doing something physical.

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