Marvelous Designer

Free and Open Source Software is my thing. I love it, but there are a few problems with the model and sometimes it’s important to realize that it is easier or more time consuming to go with paid software. Clothes are one of those areas. One can do them in Blender, especially with the nascent Modeling Cloth addon, but it’s time consuming and troublesome. So, I just took advantage of an incredible deal ($250 off) and purchased a copy of Marvelous Designer which I’m excited to learn how to use.

I have a master’s in Book Publishing and absolutely love to do book covers and children’s book illustrations. I’ve been wanting to use my 3d skills to transition into doing 3d designs for covers, but the clothes part has been slowing me down, but no more! With Marvelous Designer, I’ll be able to learn how to make fantastic clothes, and maybe even start a side hustle of creating high quality 3d clothes which I can make public domain in exchange for some Patreon support like the do with HDRI Haven.

Although I’m not really a fashionable person myself, I love costumes, and think there is a serious need for the 3d community to get high quality clothes. So many people work with nude models because clothes are just hard, and so there’s a vacuum to jump in and supply some. And while there are free clothes available in the MakeHuman community, most of the women’s clothes are ones my female friends would never be seen in public wearing and so haven’t been much of a help for my comic book.

So I think this is going to really be a great tool to push me to the next level, simplifying something that I’ve found tedious and allowing me to focus more on the art. Now I need to get better at hair, haha!

I want to thank the Marvelous Designer people for creating an option besides subscribing. I refuse to subscribe to software, and so even though the perpetual licence was expensive, it is nice to know that I can get my money’s worth.

Well, the file has finished downloading, time to try this out!

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