Clip Studio Paint Pro

(Cover image is not my own)

I feel like a traitor. Am I a traitor? Despite my never-ending love for Krita, I just purchased a copy of Clip Studio Paint Pro when it went on sale. Why the hell would I go and do that when I can get Krita for free?

Frankly, time saving. I spend so much time on my webcomic that I’m trying to really condense my workflow. At the same time, I don’t want to scale back the quality. One of the (few) areas where Krita fails is in the text tools, so I constantly find myself switching between Inkscape to do the text–which isn’t that great for text either, to be honest–and Krita where I do the graphics.

In addition to losing time and needing to create extra files, which need to be reopened if I notice a mistake, is the annoyance that I’ve needed to roughly estimate how much room the text will need. I would much rather place my text bubbles first, then draw my images, adjusting the text then if necessary.

So text was the main reason. Then I learned about many of the other features: native halftones, badass vector abilities, easy bluelining, etc. Then there was the coup-de-gras: directly importing OBJs into the image for references. That’s so much of my workflow in Doubting Thomas and to be able to do that without rendering each model separately will be amazing!

Krita’s definitely not going to disappear completely from my workflow, particularly because I don’t want to make a sudden style change and need to take time to learn the new software, I’m currently reliant on certain brushes, and frankly because I love it so much. But I’m excited by Clip Studio and think it offers great potential. My first impressions is that it runs really smooth and will definitely speed up my ability to draw and manage pages as I progress.

So am I traitor to open source software? Probably. I am definitely going to continue to promote and use Krita as I think it’s one of top five best open source programs out there. I have proven that you can definitely do a webcomic in it. And if you need a free illustration program, I can’t think of a better place to go. But with my busy schedule combined with some of my goals for where I am taking my illustration career, I think Clip Studio provides a few more options that I specifically can benefit from right now.

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