Men of Tomorrow

Mostly spoiler free.

I found a Superman comic at the library which I bought for a dollar for my nephew. Reading it before giving it to him to make it sure it was age-appropriate, I was pleasantly surprised at just how good this particular comic was.

Men of Tomorrow was a nicely self-contained story which was an interesting character story, featuring a contrast between Clark Kent and a new character of Ulysses. Ulysses, like his namesake, is on a journey which in many ways mirrors Superman’s so they become quick friends. He is human, but has developed powers similar to Superman’s. This is one area I would have expanded the story a bit, I think there was some room to explore the loneliness they feel as gods among men, but finding each other can make them feel like they’ve found a companion.

Ulysses’ journey takes him in a different direction from Clark’s though, and I like the sort of “there but for the grace of god go I” theme. Frankly, in a character study like this, they could have taken these comparisons much further, but I like what they did.

Normally Jimmy Olsen kind of annoys me, but he had an interesting storyline here. It was probably detailed more in stories previous to this which I never read, but I actually enjoyed the resolution of his storyline and that made me understand him a bit more, and why someone like Superman would hang out with him…he’s a hero in his own way.

Lois was barely there, and I’d probably have included Clarke’s parents to add some texture to the the comparison between him and Ulysses, but despite all these comments about what I’d do better, I really enjoyed the book. Many Superman stories really seem to fail in my opinion because they get so caught up in the action and powers, but this story really focused on the humanity of the Man of Steel giving me what I really want from the character.

Though I was somewhat expecting the plot twist, it went way further than I was expecting and added a lot of tension. There were a couple convenient things regarding speedy transportation that reminds me a bit of the last season of Game of Thrones–how’d the get from point A to point B so fast!?–but frankly I can forgive it because the action was pretty good at that point and if they had to explain it, it might have taken away from the good character development with technobabble.

Finally, the story resolved in a way that was satisfying, but left the door open to deeper explore an interesting story. I really enjoyed this, and as you can tell, my biggest complaints are that I wanted more from this story because it made me think, so great job to the writer!

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