Canvas Bags

There are so many factors in everything it can really be hard to do the math. Some things we think are good can in fact turn out to be harmful if we don’t consider all the details and especially the externalities. That’s why it’s important to have an independent, secular, science-based media as well as a population which is well-educated and thinks critically instead of relying on fear. Sadly, America has neither.

This article brings up an interesting point about the lifecycles of household objects and how the bigger picture can make a dramatic impact in what is bad for our planet versus what is worse. I do agree with this article that the effect on sea life is a key factor which should have been considered in the study, and I find it curious that it was not. Still, I think the overall point about reusing and repurposing remains key.

As a bonus, here’s Tim Minchin singing about the issue:

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