Greenhouse, pt 1

I’m really excited for the CG Boost Greenhouse challenge. It will by my first Blender competition, and I’m thinking about taking you along for the ride. Here are details about the challenge.

I always enjoy projects because they’re an opportunity to combine different things I’ve picked up but maybe not actually used. For this one, I want to make some use of Marvelous Designer which I’ve only scratched the surface of and Modular Tree which I’ve never touched but have been wanting an excuse to learn.

Here’s a rough idea about what I’m planning:

To translate the sketch, this will be called “Hide and Go Seek” and will feature a young girl in a space suit outside a martian or extra-solar greenhouse. There might be another kid inside looking for her and all sorts of cool plants and flowers in colors we’re not used to.

I decided to use a golden spiral for the composition since that will control the folw of movement easily and it breaks the scene up well into the inside and outside greenhouse portions.

I know of an excellent pre-rigged character I can modify, and so that will save a lot of time and I’ll need to figure out how to transfer weights of a Marvelous Designer space suit onto the rig, but as it’s a static pose, I’m not too worried about that. I’m also excited about making the greenhouse materials out of canvas and plastic as well using marvelous designer, I think that will give it a bit of a unique look. Another thing I’m planning to do is to use a toon shader, probably a soft version of ToonKit for the shading which will hopefully give it a bit of a Pixar look.

My biggest concern though are the plants themselves. There are a million ways to do that–cutouts being specifically banned–and I want to make something that won’t be so heavy that they destroy my computer when I attempt to render. I think I’m going to work on outside the greenhouse first and then slowly start working on the inside, so by the time I get there hopefully I’ll have an answer.

Anyway, I’m hoping this hide and seek story will be appealing. A girl that’s a bit mischievous as to actually sneak out of the oxygenated area. It makes me wonder about what life on Mars would actually be like, and hopefully the judges will also have such thoughts!

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