Here’s an interesting article with a perspective on Theon Greyjoy that I’d not considered. It’s premise is that Theon never betrayed the Starks per se because he was their captor. It’s actually a really compelling argument, akin to the perspective that Sally Hemmings was not free to choose whether she wanted to be Jefferson’s mistress or not because she was his slave. Game of Thrones focused so much on how nicely the Starks treated him, but it really didn’t get into things from his perspective, that he was kidnapped, held against his will away from his own people. Not having read the books, I just assumed he was a son for a while, missing the small references to him not being one of them, and then when he began to distance himself from them, his anger at the Starks seemed to come from nowhere. But looking at it through the lens of captivity, Theon’s actions make all the sense in the world, and make his story all the more human and all the more tragic. When Bran said that Theon was a good man, perhaps he’s right.

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