Kriolu Dictionary

Many years ago I lived in the archipelago of Cabo Verde and I set out to help my community create the largest and most detailed Kriolu language dictionary ever. Unfortunately I had to back out of that project due to lack of time and publishing abilities. I later gained those publishing abilities but by then I was no longer in the country and so my dream of creating that dictionary was shelved.

Then, a few years ago, I learned that someone else had seen the project to fruition, and frankly did it far better than I probably would have. I’ve yet to purchase the book, but I will, and the pictures I’ve seen of it are fantastic. It’s not just a dictionary, but captures the cultural nuances that relish the people who speak the language. Far from a dusty dry dictionary that would just collect dust, it’s a living tome.

Here’s an article about how that dictionary was created and includes links to purchase it, which I encourage you to do.

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