Cuisine des Mémories

Spoiler-Free review

Fans of Anthony Bourdain lend me your ears!! N.K. Jemisin’s “Cuisine des Mémories” is a fantastic story, excellently told by LeVar Burton in this podcast. It gives me everything I want from a short story in that it provides a brief glimpse into an extremely relateable character and then makes me squirm when he behaves in a way I wish he wouldn’t…though suspect I probably would act the same way in his place. This story is a perfect example of what magical realism should be. It uses the fantastical elements of its world to help us better appreciate our world. The story has great dramatic suspense and, like the items on its menu, gives us just enough but not too much. After this, I will definitely be looking up more of N.K. Jemisin’s works.

Listen for free here:

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