Like a Rolling Stone

“There are some places homeless (people) shouldn’t be allowed, period.”

-Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins,

That is what bigotry sounds like. Period.

As a resident of Spokane County, I’m ashamed that we have leaders like Higgins and the Mayor-Elect of the City of Spokane Nadine Woodward who view homeless people as the problem and not homelessness. These leaders ignore that homeless people in their communities are part of their constituency and therefore they are obliged to help them, not just the rich people who are embarrassed by the presence of the rabble they helped create.

I’m going to make a point of providing voter signups and education for events when I work with the homeless and disenfranchised, so that they can vote bigots like Mayor Higgins out of office and get a representative who actually views humans as humans.

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